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Creating livelihood projects that offer entrepreneurial skills-based learning to adults and adolescents.

Developing new markets for local designers and the artisan groups they work with.

For more than 20 years members of the Lynde Francis Trust have been involved in small livelihoods projects across Zimbabwe.  Often these have involved working with a small group to discover their talents and then creating products that they can sell locally or Internationally that offer a form on income generation.

Alitab bags – for sale in Europe with the proceeds directly benefitting members of this well established Trust. The proceeds from all sales go to helping to keep a number of children in school who would otherwise be unable to access education.

A number of ladies were trained by our team of volunteers and one stood out, Mai Panashe. Over the following 4 years she was able to sell both locally and Internationally and has since gone on to increase her business and designs to become fully independent.

Linked to a wide range of crafters and artisans the Lynde Francis Trust has worked continually on new designs and access to markets for these groups. Creating the link between the artist and the client to ensure a fair price and consistency of product as well as sustainability.