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Crystal Candy, a leading sweet manufacturer, has been gifted a safe, reliable and sustainable way to deal with the growing piles of waste packaging at its factory in Workington, Harare.

The solution was provided by Alitab Enterprises, a waste consulting company that works with Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund to implement solid waste management solutions and plastic recycling.

Over four days in November 2022, Alitab collected almost a ton of waste
goes green Crystal Candy’s premises in Burnley Road, Workington.

Much of the waste was discarded branded packaging – sweet wrappers, sweet packets and shrink-wrap – which would have been incinerated or dumped at the Pomona landfill. Instead, it was separated and processed and then fed through a pelletizer in Workington to create spaghetti-like strands of durable plastic for weaving into attractive furniture and other useful products.

Even better, more than 600 kg of cardboard and unbranded plastic from Crystal Candy was delivered to a waste transfer station (WTS) in Mbare whose team of volunteers make a living from processing and selling waste.